Why Choose East Coast Underwriters

With the Affordable Care Act in the final stages of implementation, now is the time to begin Self-Funding. East Coast Underwriters is here to help you through the process, providing a smooth transition to set up your Self-Funded Group Health Plan for long term sustainability and cost savings.

Stability – ECU has had experience and presence in the market since 2001

Service – ECU provides personalized service. We are available whenever you need us

Strong Relationships – Long standing relationships with carriers, TPA partners, and brokers

Self-Funded Solutions – ECU offers products to help you easily transition from Fully Insured to Self-Funding

Quality Products – ECU offers a set of unique Self-Funded products and services that cater to your needs

Captive Programs – A new frontier in Self-Funding to reduce risk and costs

East Coast Underwriters East Coast Underwriters